Coffee for your restaurant, cafe or hotel?

Sawbwa Espresso Blend

Some prefer light roasts, some dark roasts, some espresso, some filter.

We have it all! The one thing all our coffee has in common is our commitment to beautiful aroma and taste

Why Choose Sawbwa?

Fresh Specialty Coffee

Order from us on a weekly basis to get your coffee batch roasted and delivered fresh.

A Myanmar Story

Myanmar specialty coffee has taken the international limelight over the past 5 years and given Shan farmers a lucrative new lifeline

Supporting your Service Staff

Our award winner barista support team will be there to train, setup and support all of your coffee serving from pouring espresso to latte art.

Contact our sales team at:

Retail Store?

We currently supply many retailers including CityMart/Marketplace, Metro Wholesale Myanmar, Carrefour Myanmar, Promart, DeeMart, Kokkoya Organic and many more to be updated in the future.

If you are interested in retailing our coffee for your shops, we have different varieties of coffee collections that will work perfectly for your shops. Contact us directly for the full information.