Drip Coffee for Hotels


Drip coffee, good old coffee making techniques trending back these days is not too hard to replicate but it is very easy to mess up with the brewing process especially with the Specialty coffee. If one is doing well with coffee weights or grind sizes or timing, your coffee can easily less or more extract  the flavours. 

Sawbwa comes up with the Afternoon coffee break plan for hotels and restaurants to cut the possible errors to the half and less budget with the 30 gram single use pre grind bags.

The pros are consistency, weighted exactly 30g for 2 serving, perfect grind size, no need to open new bags for one cup and spoil the rest of coffee. And our head barista, Hsu Paing will train your baristas for the basics to perfecting your drip coffee.

Serving now at Sule Shangri-La Yangon, Excelsior & Melia Hotel. Yours can be next too. Don't hesitate to contact now.