Astoria Coffee Machines

Sawbwa is now able to offer a range of beautiful machines from Astoria Italy

"A group of artisans who launched an idea in 1969 has now transformed into the largest single coffee machine factory in the world. Here are the main milestones that have made Astoria the best-known and most popular brand today."

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STORM Barista Attitude

Astoria Storm

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A Timeless Intuition

Storm is a blend of craftsmanship and high technology.

Storm Profilo allows baristas to control freely and customize; the blooming pressure values, pressure speed, how much pressure, volume of water to be used for body dose, end pressure, amount of Dose, and temperature

Standard features

2 steam wands, 1 mixed hot water outlet ; AWR, Dedicated App, FRC coffee extraction system, led lighting of work space, electronic cup-warmer, steam wands “Barista Attitude”, steam system “Superdry”, Steam Boost (SB), wooden filter-holders, built-in motor-pump.



 Astoria Core600

The first born of the Core line

Core600 is the new class of Astoria coffee machines.

Core reinterprets the elegance of Astoria through simple lines and a modern shape that makes it immediately recognisable. With Core, the Italian tradition of espresso coffee is sublimated into a functional design object that can become the protagonist in every environment. Astoria’s heart beats inside Core600, a blend of tradition, technology and passion for espresso. With Core, espresso has a new design. 

Standard features

2 steam wands, 1 aut. mixed hot water faucet, AWR, color touch screen display (optional), insulated boiler, energy saving system, USB port, Astoria filter-holders, electronic cup-warmer, white led lighting of the top cups frame, built-in motor-pump. 

(weight can be varied due to different version)



Astoria Greta


The small versatile machine

Suitable for both professional and semi-professional use.

The internal components are identical to those of professional machines, although sizes are reduced: this feature guarantees quality espresso, in every cup. Painted steel and plastic, it is available both with the internal volumetric pump, for connection to water mains, and with vibration pump in case of manual filling.


Standard features

AWR, pre-infusion system, internal vibration pump, internal water tank 4 Lt., raised groups and tip-up cup-stands, led lighting of work space (optional)