Three Sons - Pway Na Phar


Three Sons

One day, an old farmer decided to give up his entire inheritance to one of his three sons.

To decide which son would get this grand prize, he gave one kyat to each son and told them to fill up a warehouse. The eldest son and middle son filled up the warehouse with grass and sand from outside of the village, which didn't take too long, so he used his one kyat to treat himself to drink tea.

The middle son upped the game a little by digging up soft silver sand from the nearby riverside. Once the store room was full, he too sat down for well deserved cup of tea.

The youngest son went about this a little differently... he spent his usual day on the rice fields, creating value for the family. After he'd finished, he went to the shop and bought a candle and matches...

His brothers laughed as they proudly showed their father how they'd deligently filled the warehouse. The youngest son, holding his candle explained that he has still done his full day at work, and then struck the match, filling the room with light!

The father was very impressed by the hardworking boy who'd still worked the farm and smartly filled the warehouse with light completing his challenge. The youngest child should get the inheritace.

Just as the young boy used his brains and hard work, Pway Nar Phar was a poster for cleanliness and hard work at Shwe Taung Thu Coffee group. Their coffee is consistently produced year on year to the highest standard. The result is large beans that are all incredibly consistent in size and shape.

This comes through in a juicy cup which has lots of body, stone fruit acidity and long sweetness.

The Sawbwa Tastes & Tales collection was inspired by Saw Wai Lwin Moe's book of classic Myanmar Myths.